Mullo, defined.



[muhl - o]


a creative studio specializing in interior design and brand development.

Origin of mullo: 

Mullin – Katie’s maiden name; a reference to her early professional years as a high-end designer.

Lo – Katie’s married name; a nod to the evolution of her design aesthetic – contemporary style elevated through carefully designed details.




Mullo is a creative studio specializing in residential and commercial interiors and brand development.  Located in Vancouver, BC, Mullo works with clients throughout the lower mainland and beyond, including projects in Ontario and the United States.  I take on a limited number of projects per year to ensure the best quality and attention to detail for each of my clients.  My team includes myself, along with a talented group of designers, builders and trades people with whom I collaborate.   My top priorities as a designer are carefully crafted details, excellent client service and clear communication.  I work closely with my clients throughout the design process to ensure every design and every detail is perfectly executed.  



As an interior design graduate living in Toronto, I realized early on that my dream was to open my studio.  Over the years, I have honed my design skills in the residential and commercial sectors.  After working in Toronto for several years I decided to take my experience abroad to Singapore, where I worked for one of the largest design firms in SE Asia.  This invaluable opportunity allowed me to develop my design, project management and client communications experience, not to mention the amazing travel experiences and exposure to other cultures and design!  Alongside my interior design work, I soon developed a passion for graphic design and branding.  Interior design (especially commercial design) and branding seem to go hand in hand and so, it was a very natural fit as I started to add branding to my skill set. 

Fast forward to a few years later and my husband and I decided to move back to Canada to start our family.  We settled in Vancouver, BC where I decided to take some time off to raise our first child.  As time would tell, this break provided me with the ideal scenario to start my own studio and so, in June 2014 Mullo was born.  The name Mullo started off as a nickname for my first baby before he was born - "baby Mullo".  It then morphed into a nickname for myself and eventually a unique name for my company.  It represents who I am as a person and as a designer.