mullo, defined.


[muhl - o]


a creative studio specializing in interior design for custom and investment homes, both renovations and turn key services.

Origin of mullo:

Mullin - Katie’s maiden name; a reference to her early professional years as an interior designer living and working abroad.

Lo - Katie’s married name; a nod to the evolution of her design aesthetic - transitional style elevated through carefully designed details.



Mullo Design is known for beautifully designed and functional interiors. The studio’s work focuses on interior design for custom and investment homes; from partial to complete renovations and turn key services. Projects include new construction homes, city dwellings and water front properties across Canada. With over 10 years of international experience, Mullo Design is well-versed in listening to their client’s needs and translating them into beautiful, functional interiors.


Every project starts with a conversation. We listen, ask lots of questions and do our best to understand your lifestyle and design goals. We believe that the best designs are born from function, then enhanced through beautiful and timeless details.

Mullo takes on a limited number of projects each year to ensure each project gets the attention it deserves. Projects are chosen for their unique creative potential and the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals.


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